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If you have spent much time here in Tucson, you have probably driven on a road paved by Sunrise Asphalt. Founded in 1979 by Les Silberman, we have been paving Tucson, Arizona for over 35 years. We have been proud to lay down the surfaces of many of the smooth, easy driving Tucson roads you travel on a daily basis. Even many of the parking lots and a driveways you frequent have been laid down by our experienced team.

Interested in learning a little more about how Sunrise Asphalt paves the wide western road of Tucson? Just read on!
Paving the Roads to Success

When we are paving a road or a driveway, we prefer to start from scratch. We want to know the job has been right, from top to bottom. Generally, we will begin by exacting the old road or driveway. Then we will build a new bases and start paving. Paving is done by adding hot bituminous mix (known as asphalt) to soil. Asphalt is usually laid down to a thickness of two inches, but each job is different, and we will always make sure we are doing what is best for you. We finish things up by compacting the asphalt and letting it cure, a process which takes 45-72 hours.

Separating Sunrise Asphalt from all the rest

Almost 50 percent of our business is from return clients. We believe in establishing trust and doing incredible work. Owner supervision is present on the site of the job from beginning to end. We are detail oriented and take all the right steps needed to produce an amazing product.

Getting started with Sunrise Asphalt is simple.

Give us a call today at (502)-732-2754 and schedule a free estimate. Our asphalt experts are waiting to hear from you.