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Quality Chip Seal Coating Tucson Businesses Expect

Sunrise Asphalt offers a variety of paving and asphalt related services including specialized chip seal coating. The chip seal process consists of the application of oil and pea gravel that is carefully placed as a separate process. This process is not new and has been incorporated into paving jobs for well over a century. From resurfacing driveways to resurfacing parking lots, proper chip seal procedures are essential to ensuring a successful project and a finished product that will last a long time.

A Professional Roller Is Applied To Carefully Compact The Layer Of Pea Gravel

For the process to be done correctly hot oil must first be applied at the base by a distributor truck. Once this step has been completed gravel can then be applied through the use of a spreader box. After the oil has been completely covered with a layer of gravel, a professional roller is brought in to carefully compact the layer of pea gravel into the existing hot oil. While this process may sound complicated it is necessary to ensure that a project is done correctly.

A Typical Chip Seal Project Can Easily Last Between 5 And 8 Years

What makes chip seal technology so unique is that it is a viable alternative to traditional asphalt solutions. In addition, because of the hot desert weather typical of the Tucson area, chip seal is often chosen as an alternative to asphalt to maintain a cooler environment. The product is unique in that it also allows for a wide range of colored stone to be used as a way to personalize a project. The product is also popular because it requires far less maintenance than other paving options. A typical chip seal project can easily last between 5 and 8 years. The ultimate endurance of the project depends on the actual slope involved and the number of layers applied.

Leading The Way

While there is a short waiting period prior to use once a chip seal project has been completed, the end results can be quite impressive. Asphalt experts recommend that clients wait a minimum of 24 hours before using a parking lot or driveway that has been properly chip sealed. Sunrise Asphalt has been leading the way in high quality asphalt paving related work throughout Tucson and the surrounding communities for several decades. When your next paving or chip seal job requires quality work at fair and reasonable prices contact Sunrise Asphalt.