Here at Sunrise Asphalt, we are passionate about picturesque parking lots. Indeed, there is nothing we love more than seeing a smooth, clean, perfect parking lot. It is a statement not just that your business has a great parking lot, but that your business takes pride in doing things the right way. That it values being clean, professional and precise. Who wouldn’t want to work with you? However, those are not the only benefits to a perfect parking lot! Today, we will look at a few additional benefits.

Company BBQ Day

There is no team bonding activity quite like a big company BBQ. Where better to host it than right in your very own beautiful parking lot. Pick a time at night to close off a section of the parking lot and start enjoying. Of course, to throw a proper company BBQ you need more than just a lot of delicious food. You need a bouncy castle. Luckily you have plenty of room in your perfect parking lot to set it up! Oh, and don’t forget the football!! You are going to need something to toss around.

Improve Customer Experience

Have you ever tried to park in a poorly designed, unorganized, messy parking lot? It is a miserable experience. There is nothing more frustrating than when the lines are indistinct, there are one way lanes and arrows that are worn away so your are not sure which way to drive and potholes as well. When a customer drives into a parking lot like that, they are going to be immediately frustrated. Things are going to start off on the wrong foot. You don’t want a customer to be unhappy before they even  walk through your door. A perfect parking lot will improve your customer experience.