We here at Sunrise Asphalt are clearly big fans of paved roads. Yes indeed, be it highway, freeway, or city street, there is little we love more than a smooth ride on a perfectly paved road. Roadways are one of the most essential elements of infrastructure within our cities since they connect us to each other, and on a grand scale they connect all the cities of our nation large and small. However, life isn’t all about paved roads. In fact, we have distinct fondness for non-paved roads as well. Today, we are going to talk about some of our favorite types of non-paved roads and places you may find them.

The Ole Dirt-Road
Dirty roads hold a special place in our hearts. These roads symbolize adventure and freedom. These are the roads we travel on when we are going camping, hiking, or simply spending time exploring the great outdoors. Of course, driving on a dirt road is not going to be as smooth and easy as driving on a paved road, but that is part of the fun. Before you head out to one of Arizona’s countless picturesque dirt roads, make sure your vehicle can handle the conditions you are going to face. You don’t want to end up stranded with a broken vehicle in the middle of nowhere.

Brick and Cobblestone
When most people think of brick or cobblestone roads, they picture a quiet, peaceful, rural town. However, throughout the course of history, brick and cobblestone roads have primarily been found in urban environments. Before the advent of modern paving, brick and cobblestone were the go-to materials used in road building. While brick and cobblestone streets may look beautiful, they are very costly to maintain. Most brick and cobblestone streets in the U.S. were replaced by asphalt between 1998 and 2007.