In our previous post here on the Sunrise Asphalt blog, we began talking about some of our favorite non-paved road surfaces. Or rather, in the case of dirt roads, and roads with no surfaces at all. Arizona is home to countless miles of dirt roads. They crisscross all over Arizona’s state and national parks, from the Grand Canyon, to Apache Junction, to Sedona. A day on the dirt roads is a day unlike any other. While driving on a road that has been perfectly paved by Sunrise Asphalt may be better for your car, hitting the back-country roads can be much more fun. Today, we are going to touch on some of our favorite Arizona off-roading trails.

Apache Trail
To get to Apache Trail, just take Highway 60 east out of Phoenix to Apache Junction, get off at Idaho Road, and start heading north. This moderately difficult trail is an excellent introduction to the world of off-roading. The entire trail is 40 miles long but you will only be stirring up dirt for the last 22 miles or so, as the first 18 miles are actually paved. It usually takes 3-4 hours to navigate every inch of Apache Trail, so make sure you plan ahead. During your drive you can expect to be treated to views of Theodore Roosevelt Dam, Apache Lake, and Canyon Lake.

Oak Creek Homestead
Oak Creek Homestead is a short but picturesque trail located near Sedona, just southwest of Highway 89A. While this Trail is rated “moderate” we would say that it is a few degrees more difficult than Apache Trail. A particularly intimidating section of the Oak Creek Homestead trail is called “Cliffhanger” in which your vehicle must traverse a narrow rock shelf with a steep drop on one side. While this trail is only 6 miles in length, you should set aside approximately 3 hours for the trip.