Welcome back to the Sunrise Asphalt blog. Today we are revisiting the topic of incredible Arizona off-roading trails. Frankly, two blogs is not nearly enough when it comes to looking at all of the amazing off-roading trails here in Arizona, so we are only going to be able to look at a few of the highlights. A word of caution: do not attempt to navigate off-roading trials unless you have an appropriate vehicle and know what you are doing. Off-roading can be naturally a dangerous activity. Now , with that being said, let’s explore two more incredible Arizona off-roading trails.

Point Sublime
As we are discussing Arizona’s natural beauty and wonder, we need to bring up the Grand Canyon which is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. While the Grand Canyon itself is one of the most jaw dropping and sublime sights you will ever see the wilderness around the canyon is quite spectacular as well. For this reason, we recommend checking out Point Sublime, a 36-mile round trip back country road. Perfect for jeeps, and SUV’s once you reach Point Sublime you will discover a fantastic view. Camping is available but only with a permit.

Rice Peak
Now it is time for us to turn our eyes south and explore an off-roading trail a little closer to home. The Rice Peak trail, located north of Mt. Lemmon is a difficult run that winds its way up to a 7,577-ft. summit. This trail should only be attempted by experienced off-roaders. We can tell you that this is one beautiful spot. This distance to the summit form the trail head is approximately, 5.8 miles. A round trip should take a few hours, but it it is very enjoyable