Here at Sunrise Asphalt, we take immense pride in what we do. We believe in being professional, friendly, and in delivering the absolute highest quality services possible. these commitments have helped us become one of the most prominent paving companies in all of Arizona. One of the only things we love more than the work of paving itself, is sharing our expertise with others. Today, we are going to go over the steps that are taken when we pave.

  1. Demo and Removal: Before we can do anything else, we must fully remove the existing surface. This means it is time for demolition and removal. This had the added benefit of clearing away any preexisting debris.
  2. Grading the Surface: As we have discussed before on our blog, proper drainage is essential for an asphalt surface. To ensure the surface will drain properly, we use high-tech instruments to measure and then grade the surface.
  3.  Packing the Base: Next, we have to fix any soft spots that we discovered as we packed the base of the surface. This is typically done via undercutting, although there are other techniques which can be used.
  4. Address the Binder Layer: The next step is to add a binder layer to the base. This binder layer is a mix of aggregate and oil. It is very srong and helps the asphalt adhere to the base.
  5. Laying the Asphalt: Finally, after all of these time consuming steps, it is time to lay the asphalt. This in itself is another complicated step but it is one we are extremely practiced in. Once the asphalt is set down, we compact it with a roller, and it is left to cure.