Paving a surface from scratch is no small job. Ir requires expensive specialized equipment, specialized tools, immense experience, and a lot of hard work and know-how. If you are planning on repaving a surface, make sure you budget money to do so. Of course, you want to spend the large chunk of money required to pave a surface as infrequently as possible. While it may be very worth it to repave a surface, it can be expensive. The best thing you can do to avoid spending such a large amount of money again, is to attend to the maintenance of your paved surface. Today, we are going to talk about assessing the condition of your paved surface, and budgeting for maintenance.

Your Two Enemies

Paved surfaces have two major enemies, water and cracks. Together, these insidious forces combine to break apart your paved surface from inside, resulting in major damage such as potholes.

When you are planning your maintenance budget, you should begin by assessing the current condition of the surface. First, look for cracks, pre-existing potholes, or dips in the surface. Each of these are maintenance concerns which need to be addressed and set aside for budgeting.

Next, you should perform a water pooling evaluation. This is a good way to check that the surface is draining properly. Standing water WILL result in damage to the surface if it is not addressed. If water pools in any one location and does not flow, you may need to schedule an appointment to have your driveway looked at by a professional.

Finally, you should consider the look of your paved surface. If you surface looks worn and dull, you may want to consider having work done to yur driveway.