2022 has been a big year for us here at Sunrise Asphalt in more ways than one! As we head into 2023, we’d like to take a beat to look back at the topics we’ve covered this year on the Sunrise Asphalt blog and a win or two along the way!


The Pavement Condition Index (PCI)

Just last month we dove into an industry metric that not a lot of folks know about! The PCI is a number between 0 and 100 that’s used to tell the general, well, condition of that patch of pavement. 0 is bad, 100 is perfect.  The PCI is used in civil engineering and asset management as well as by local governments to determine several things including their infrastructure and service needed/being provided.


What is a Fog Seal

In October we covered fog seals, a technique for rejuvenating old asphalt surfaces. This isn’t a service we handle here at Sunrise, but it is one that is out there, so it’s worth mentioning. A fog seal is an asphalt emulsion applied just once over an existing asphalt pavement surface. This renews any oxidization (that faded gray look) on the surface of the asphalt. It also seals minor cracks, stops the road from raveling, and makes the surface look better.  


How to Fix Cracks in Your Asphalt Driveway and Maintain It

Depending on what kind of damage your driveway has, the way you’ll approach it for a fix will change! Read this blog to first understand what kind of damage you’re dealing with and then find out how to fix it. Too much work? Don’t want to read? Well hey, you can always just call the professionals…


Eli Silberman, Our Very Own VP Wins Under 40 Award!

Back in May of this year, our Vice President Eli Silberman won a prestigious award from the industry organization Construction Equipment. 


The Under 40 in Construction Equipment Awards showcase the young talent in our industry. These people, all under the age of 40, represent the impressive future and potential for the industry of construction equipment and application. They come from a variety of backgrounds and disciples across the industry, from asset managers running fleets to distributors, manufacturers, and more!


Driveway Safety and You

This blog was on something a little bit different than our usual fare. We spend so much time installing and repairing driveways that it felt important to talk about how to ensure safety when using them. It can be a bit of work to learn, teach, and practice driveway safety with your kids but it’s worth it!


Spring Cleaning the Driveway and Garage

March was all about spring cleaning on the Sunrise Asphalt blog! We talked about how to tend to your driveway following the winter frosts, and the right way to spring clean your garage. Yes, there is a right and wrong way!  While it may be just entering the depths of winter right now, having a plan in place and ready for spring could set you on the right path!


How to Make Your Business Accessible

Accessibility is hugely important, and back in February of this year we talked about ways you could help your business reach this goal. Training staff, allowing service animals, and yes, there is a way to use asphalt to help make your business more usable and friendly to people of all sorts. If your 2023 New Year’s Resolution includes making your business better than ever, check this one out.


How to Pave a Driveway

Ever wonder how to pave a driveway? Well wonder no longer! This blog laid out the exact process that goes into laying a stretch of blacktop from the road to your home, from demolition to smoothing the final product. It’s similar steps to what’s involved with any type of pavement but done on a smaller, and more delicate scale.


We talked about plenty more over the year, including starting out with a few pieces on our top blogs ever but we’ll leave this here for now.


This will wrap up our regular blogs for 2022! We have the holidays approaching and then it’s time for 2023! Our resolution? To continue to provide the best asphalt services to Tucson and the surrounding area, and to provide the best, up to date, actionable information on our blog to a worldwide audience! Whether it’s paving parking lots or demo’ing driveways for repair and anything in between, Sunrise Asphalt has you covered!