This past year has been a wild one for everyone around the world. If you’re just stopping by the Sunrise Asphalt blog for the first time, we wanted to put together a handy little index that will cover just about everything we’ve been talking about for the last year!


We’ve covered a lot, with roughly three blogs coming out every month, it can be easy to miss something. We’ll list every blog and give a brief intro to what it covers, to help you catch up!

January – March


Our Asphalt New Year’s Resolutions!

We whipped up some Asphalt-based New Year’s Resolutions that home and business owners might find valuable!


What is Slurry Used For, What Even Is It?

Ever wonder what exactly slurry is? This blog is for you!


How to Build a Road – A Sunrise Asphalt Guide

How to build a road. Just like it says!


6 More FAQs About Asphalt

We answered six more frequently asked questions about the good stuff.


Is Working in Asphalt a Good Career Move?

For those pondering a career change.


Resurfacing a Blog – Uses for Recycled Asphalt

We updated an older blog here, talking about the uses of recycled asphalt!


Driveway Paving, Patching, and Sealing

This one we looked at driveways and paving ‘em, patching ‘em, and sealing ‘em.


April – June

Asphalt vs Concrete – Who Wins?

In the eternal battle, who wins?

How to Apply Driveway Sealer

That’s it, that’s the tweet.


Just What In The Heck Are Asphalt Millings?

Well, what are they?! Pssst here’s a hint – ‘recycling’ 😉


Asphalt Driveway Resurfacing – What It Is, When You Need It

The lowdown on resurfacing asphalt driveways. All your questions will be answered.


What is Chip Seal and When to Use It?

Continuing our education bent, we talk about chip sealing and how it works.


Is Summer the Best Time to Pave?

Summer sure is hot in Arizona. Does that make it a great or terrible time to pave?


Driveway Ideas to Make Yours The Best

Stepping outside our usual asphalt coverage, this blog looks at some things you can do to enhance the visual appeal of your driveway.


Why Are Potholes Dangerous?

They don’t just mess up your tires!


Sealing Asphalt – Pros and Cons

Sometimes we like to keep it simple!


How to Lay Asphalt

At least, how Sunrise Asphalt approaches it!


Is it Worth Sealing Driveways?

We might have talked about sealing asphalt and the pros and cons, but is it worth it?


Now, reader, you might have noticed that the April – June period had more blogs than the January – March period. That was a simple error in posting but good eye!


July – September

Asphalt Repair Techniques

Got a crack in the asphalt? Well here are the repair techniques you need!


What to Look For In Your Paving Contractors

Looking to hire a contractor for your asphalt needs? Here’s what to look for!


Summer Asphalt Maintenance

Deep in summer, it’s time for some asphalt maintenance to make it through the season!


6 Benefits of an Asphalt Driveway

What hard and fast benefits of asphalt driveways? Here you go!


Pros and Cons of Chip and Seal Driveways

Chip and seal. Pros and cons.


Asphalt Terms and Definitions

In this blog we started to compile a dictionary of our most frequently used terms. Keep an eye out as we’ll update this more in the future.


Events in Tucson October 2021

One of the things we like to do on our blog is lay out some local tips and flavor for our fellow Tusconians.


October – December


Do’s and Dont’s of Fall & Winter Driveway Care

Fall and winter are crucial seasons to take care of your asphalt. Here’s what to do, and what to avoid.


The Types of Blacktop Repair

Believe it or not, there’s more than one type!


How to Make Asphalt

Not that you’d want to, but if you did, here’s how.


How Much Does Asphalt Cost and Other Questions

Another great FAQ blog answering a host of questions.


How Do Potholes Form?

Potholes are pretty much the bane of asphalt’s existence. How do they form (and how can we prevent them)?


What Happens to Your Driveway When You Don’t Maintain It?

Feeling lazy? Here’s what’s waiting for you if you don’t stay on top of your upkeep!


With that, 2021 is suitably wrapped up and in the rearview mirror! We’ll see you next time in 2022!